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Yard Management System

Yard management system integrates the various functions like production processes, storing, packing and dispatching within the mill into one logistical entity. When starting to plan yard management system, the mill’s material flows are examined from a logistics point of view. By balancing production and logistics, the material flows, production and storage are optimized, throughput is increased and lead times are significantly reduced.

At first, a comprehensive study is conducted in order to understand the big picture – what is really needed and why. As every mill is unique, a simulation study shows how to create an optimal mill layout concept with the most efficient material flows. With simulation the project is easier to understand and adopt as it shows the precise resources, building and storage requirements. Pesmel yard management system can be adopted into green field sites or into existing mills.

The actual yard management system is basically managing the mill’s internal material flows between and around the production processes. The system itself is implemented with the most modern equipment like automated coil carriages and high bay storage(s) for intermediate storing and shipping. All the operations are highly automated and equipped with Pesmel FlowCare for remote supervision of availability, productivity, preventive maintenance etc. With yard management system the material handling and storing can be highly effective and the system is a backbone for processing of materials and strengthens the outbound deliveries in shorter time.

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